Paradise Canyon Golf Resort
Southern Alberta's Number One Rated Golf Course
185 Canyon Blvd West - Lethbridge, Alberta

TOLL FREE: 1 877 707-GOLF (4653)
MAIN: (403) 381-GOLF (4653)
FAX LINE: (403) 381-4300


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The Course

Southern Alberta's Number One Rated Golf Course

Lessons are available all year round

"Heart Pounding Fairways..." Be prepared for the ultimate heart pounding fairways of Paradise Canyon. Golf Digest has recognized Paradise Canyon as CANADA'S TOP 60 COURSE (out of 1800 courses).

The course has also garnered the NUMBER ONE rating in Southern Alberta.

The city of Lethbridge may not be known as a golf Mecca, but this course is quickly thrusting this friendly prairie destination into the nation's golf limelight. 

Maybe this is why Lethbridge recognized Paradise Canyon as it's 2004 BUSINESS OF THE YEAR for it's Resort Wide Hospitality... "An Unrivaled Golf Experience..."

"I have played 3 of the top 10 and a dozen of the top 75 ranked courses in Canada from Highlands Links in Cape Breton to the National Golf Club in Woodridge and Capilano in West Vancouver. I am a serious golf addict. When I played Paradise Canyon it ABSOLUTELY BLEW ME AWAY! I really don't know why Paradise isn't ranked number one in the country. This is an unrivaled golf resort experience in my opinion."
Dave Johnson, Canmore, AB - Sept. 2004

Hole #1

Welcome to Paradise! Hole #1 demands an accurate tee shot best placed down the right centre. This will leave a middle to short iron approach to our most undulated green. Finding the appropriate tier... More
Hole #2

A mid to long iron is required to hit this two-tiered green. Club selection is critical to avoid the three large bunkers. Slicers beware of the prevailing left to right wind.

Tournament:... More
Hole #3

The number one handicap hole at Paradise requires a tee shot to the upper of two fairways.   A long iron is usually needed to reach this well guarded green.   Take par and run to the next tee. More
Hole #4

What a great three shot Par 5. A strong drive in the right centre of the fairway will avoid the water left and set up a long iron lay up. The three-tiered very shallow green is protected by sand and... More
Hole #5

Here is an excellent birdie opportunity.   A long tee shot over the right edge of the fairway bunker leaves a short iron to a deep green.   Club selection is a critical factor in making a birdie. ... More
Hole #6

The most challenging par 3 at Paradise requires a long iron or wood to a well protected green. Left or right can put a bogey on the card almost automatically.

Tournament... More
Hole #7

This fairway is bigger than it looks, but must be hit in order to have an opportunity to hit the green in regulation. The green with many mounds and swales, is guarded by sand. The middle of this tiny... More
Hole #8

Usually reachable by only the longest of hitters in two shots, the main goal here is accuracy. Two well placed woods will leave you a wedge shot to a double tiered green. Avoid the front right bunker.

Tournament... More
Hole #9

This dogleg right has two options. Play it safe off the tee to the corner and have a 7, 8 or 9 iron in, or bust it over the bunker on the right leaving a mere pitch to the green. The green is harder... More
Hole #10

The tee shot must get to the corner of the dogleg to avoid a blind shot into a narrow three-tiered green. Use enough club to find the right tier or a a three putt is more than likely.

Tournament... More
Hole #11

Put the driver away. The risks are far greater than the rewards. A mid to long iron tee shot sets up a short iron approach. Left or long is certain trouble.

Tournament... More
Hole #12

Depending on the wind, the signature hold at Paradise can require anything from a PW to a 4 iron. On a calm day, one less club can set up a good birdie opportunity.

Tournament... More
Hole #13

The easiest of the Par 5's at Paradise surrenders its fair share of birdies. However, a poor tee shot makes bogey a good score. The shot to the green should be high and soft to avoid the deep bunkers... More
Hole #14

The green is larger than it appears from the tee. Club selection is essential to avoid the large front bunker. Watch for subtle breaks in the green.

Tournament -... More
Hole #15

A difficult driving hole requires a tee shot down the left centre.   Avoid the right fairway bunker at all costs.   Water guards the front right of a large undulating green. Par is a good score here. ... More
Hole #16

Tip it and rip it! Brute strength is required here although the hold offers both the largest fairway and green on the course. A large swale bisects the putting surface so try to find the proper tier.

Tournament... More
Hole #17

An accurate long iron is required to navigate the final Par 3 at Paradise. Anything right is in the Old Man River and left is no bargain. Take enough club to carry the front bunker.

Tournament... More
Hole #18

The home hole at Paradise requires a tee shot down the left side to avoid the river. The lay up area provides plenty of room right of the fairway bunker, leaving only a wedge to a well protected green.... More


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